Interstate Batteries of Calgary provides various services to make things easier for you:



  • Recycling (Stand Out – Icon on Homepage, CTA) – We follow government regulations and make sure your junk batteries are disposed of a recycled in an environmentally conscious way. We offer FREE recycling for most types of batteries. Green isn’t just our favorite colour.
  • Rebuild Services (Hand Tools) – Have a battery that needs replacing, but isn’t manufactured anymore? Interstate Batteries of Calgary may be able to rebuild it for you. Just bring it in and we’ll see if it can be done. If it can’t be done on site our battery rebuild specialists may be able to.
  • Install Watch Batteries – Interstate Batteries of Calgary can not only provide you with the batteries you need, but we can also install most watch and key fobs batteries on site.
  • Test and Charge Lead Acid Batteries – Interstate Batteries of Calgary provides free charge and check service for all Interstate Batteries. If you are having issue with your battery, just bring it by and we can check it out for you. Be prepared to leave it for a day or two.